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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this wednesday february 11th. months after winning national acclaim a little league team out of chicago is being investigated and a decision in this matter could come as early as today. >> a south jersey man is behind bars accused of scamming people out of monthly mortgage payments. >> people across the untree are hoping they're really lucky. we'll tell you how much is up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. >> it is eye popping. good morning everyone, it's 430 on this wednesday. we're starting out dry for a change let's go to
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meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> on the big board we have satellite showing you we're not only dry but we're getting sunshine early and then we'll wind up with additional clouds coming from the west but overall today looks pretty bright. 29 degrees currently in philadelphia, 19 in allentown, 28 in wilmington, 30 in wildwood so we are starting out with very cold conditions out there. and there's also a bit of a breeze dropping down out of north and that's zipping your wind chill down to 19. so a similar feel this morning as to what we had yesterday morning. and as we roll through the day, it stays on the cool side but not too bad. 29 right now 27 degrees by 8 o'clock and by noon 35. and then that's going to be your high today 39 degrees at about 3 o'clock. we'll still ablittle over the freezing mark by 6 o'clock. we do have a couple chances of at least some light snow coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast and colder air on the way as well. more on that dumbing up in that seven day. karen, what are roads looking like early on. >> we're looking in chester county. this is the 30 bypass
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westbound closed between 340 and reeceville road. we have an accident with an overturned tractor-trailer that was filled with paper. so problems on the roads here. business route 30 lincoln highway or the pennsylvania turnpike westbound all good options in chester county with the 30 bypass westbound being shut down. the in lower providence an accident involving a downed pole. ridge pike closed at eagleville road. you can use germantown pike as your alternate. on 95 at cottman overnight construction here is clear. no delays and looking pretty good right now but tacony palmyra bridge down after an earlier opening. we had an early morning delay but things are easing and looking a little better now matt and tam. >> okay, thank you karen. going on this morning we are taking a look from the overnight a driver was injured in a crash in northeast philadelphia. the action cam was on the scene just before 3:00 a.m. on roosevelt boulevard near levick street. police tell us the cars collided at the intersection. the driver of one of the cars suffered multiple injuries and was taken to the hospital in
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stable condition. and police are working to find out if possibly this is related to someone running a red light. a south jersey man will face a judge today. he's charged with a scam that took people's money and nearly forced them out of their homes. dann cuellar has more on the deception that spanned several states. this is daniel sheehan of gloucester city new jersey. police say he's been scamming people all over the tri-state area through a bogus mortgage modification programs. according to victims he's very good at the art of deception. 55-year-old marianne feldman is one of his alleged victims who asked we not show her face. >> he just seemed like a really nice guy. he didn't seem shady or anything at first. >> reporter: feldman met sheehan through her job at the post office. he convinced her that he was just the guy she needed to help her with her mortgage problems. >> he was very good at what he d he knew a lot about mortgages. >> reporter: feldman lost about 10 grand she thought was being paid to the mortgage company.
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it wasn't and police say she wasn't the only victim. >> we expect there to be many, many more throughout the tri-state area, philadelphia, south jersey region. we think that, you know, when people see his face they're going to recognize him and if they are victim of his scam come forward to report it to the police. police know of eight victims in gloucester township alone defrauded of roughly $50,000 but information they've gathered suggests there are many more others out there stretching to new york state that met sheehan through friends relatives or word of mouth. >> we want them to call their local police department to file a report. we're working with other authorities, county, state and federal authorities to put a case together altogether. >> reporter: for her part feldman managed to work out a deal with her mortgage company after they learned she had been scammed but one of her friends lost his house. >> i hope to there are other people out there that dealt with dan sheehan you need to come forward and put him
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behind bars for a long time. >> reporter: i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news". >> little league baseball is investigating claims that the team that beat philadelphia's taney dragons in the little league world series last summer cheated. a decision on what to do about it could come today. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with more on this story. >> good morning, matt. the allegations are pretty disturbing because remember these are kids and championships aside the basic idea of sports man ship and fair play should trump any trophy or accolade and you may remember there was a heartbreaking moment the game that brought the taney dragon's magical end to a run jackie robinson went ton beat las vegas to win the world series. now little league officials are investigating claims chicago may have stacked its team with players from outside its district lines to create a so-called super too. the ceo of little league baseball told our sister station espn the findings of a
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recent review are complete and again the results of that investigation could be released today. if officials have found these claims are true, many believe including the father of a taney dragon player that jackie robinson west should be stripped of its championship tightly. >> if they find they break the rules i don't think they should just happened the title to las vegas. i think that las vegas and the taney dragons should have to play another game and i don't care if they play it in the snow. >> jackie robinson west wouldn't be the first team to have its little league title stripped. in 1992 a philippines team was stripped of its title after using players out of its district and over age. against the results of those findings may be released today. tam, back to you. >> erin, thank you for that. new this morning, britain is the latest country to close its embassy in yemen. the united states made the
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same decision yesterday due to security threats. the middle eastern nation has been in crisis for months. shiite rebels recently took over much of the country. american forces conducting counter terrorism missions will remain after their post. >> an upper darby police officer is one of two people under investigation in connection with the reports of thefts from a police evidence room. sources tell "action news" a 15 year veteran of the department is suspected of stealing thousands of dollars prescription drugs and odd narcotics. the district attorney's office is leading the investigation. no charges have been filed at this point. >> nearly a half a billion dollars is up for grabs making tonight's powerball drawing the fifth largest in u.s. history. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim has hopefully bought her ticket. she's in south philadelphia where a lot of people are hoping they have hot hands. good morning eva. >> reporter: good morning tam. haven't bought my ticket yet but i have a feeling a lost people will be buying a ticket today.
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powerball fever kicking in as the jackpot is now at $485 million. that makes tonight's drawing the fifth largest prize in u.s. history. it's been more than two months since anyone has won a powerball jackpot. the prize has gradually been growing from its for the million starting point. while the chance in wining is one in 175 million that isn't stopping some people from dreaming big. >> well, i'm getting there. i would do a little more travel and stuff. got to take care of the kids and stuff, grand kids. everybody would be taken care of. >> i take care of my daughter, get her mom a new car, just chill. >> reporter: now don't rush out your door to buy tickets right this minute. you can't blew powerball tickets until 7:00 so that gives you all of breakfast to think about what numbers you want to choose for your powerball ticket today. you have until just before 10 o'clock to get those numbers in. think about it.
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we'll have some tips about what numbers do best in the powerball coming up in about a half hour. back to you guys. >> i think a lot of people will be able to stand in line today and think about it because there will be lines. 6abc is the only place to see the winning numbers pulled. that's at 10:59 tonight right before "action news" after 11 ooh. >> 4:39 is the time and a developing story is next. nearly 100 cars were involved in a nasty pileup in south korea leaving at least two people dead. we will tell was may have caused the deadly crashes. >> and someone is selling an apple mac book on ebay. the catch, it's haunted or so the seller says. we'll explain when we come right back. >> ♪♪
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>> 4:42. this commute has got to be much better than yesterday for starters. >> there could be a couple icy patches because in some spots we might have melted something and then refrozen it but i don't think it's much of an issue in most cases. storm tracker 6 double scan shows you we're dry which is good and as we take a look outside this morning we're looking at clear skies over the airport with just a little bit of a breeze blowing and generally speaking it's going to be a very pleasant afternoon as we build in. this morning though we're starting out cool. 29 degrees currently in philadelphia. winds are out of the north at 13 and the wind chills are
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currently making it feel like it's in the upper teens in a lot of spots. there's satellite showing that you cloud cover off the coast but enough clear skies overhead where most of us will start out with sun. later today some of these clouds out to the west may try and filter in but generally speaking it's looking like a fairly bright day. not too bad temperature-wise. 27 by 8 o'clock. 11 o'clock up to the freezing mark. 2 o'clock 38 with a high of 39 at 3 o'clock. that's where we were yesterday. the winds will be lighter overall than yesterday so if you were able to stand walking around outside yesterday you'll be able to stand it today. high temperatures little cooler up in allentown 36 degrees there, 37 reading 36 trenton, closer to 40 in philadelphia wilmington and low 40's in cape may and in atlantic city. future tracker 6 picks up the story early tomorrow morning and it looks like we might have some clouds around. as we go through the day particularly in the afternoon there is going to be the possibility of a flurry or maybe even a brief snow shower but most of the models right now aren't really selling this
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as a whole lot of snow for us. in fact, if you take a look at four primary models for philadelphia, three of them now don't have anything at all and the other just a coating of snow. so, i wouldn't get real excited about this for philadelphia. if you're up in the lehigh valley, particularly tomorrow afternoon, the gfs model has about a half inch of snow. the rest closer to a coating. this doesn't look like a big deal but tomorrow afternoon and in the evening in particular there's the chance of a little bit of light snow. remember, just a little bit is enough to get you slipping and sliding. partly sunny skies today. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast perhaps a few more clouds later this afternoon than what we'll see in the morning and a high of 39. tomorrow another high of 39. i'm posting snow showers because a couple of you here or there might see them but overall we're only going for about a coating of snow where those manage to hit and maybe somebody gets an inch someplace. on friday, windy and bitter cold coming into the region and hanging around for awhile. 23 is the high there. on saturday we have a shot at getting back up to 34. there is the possibility of an
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afternoon or evening snow shower around there as well and there might be a little bit of snow left over on sunday morning. right now that's not looking like a lot but it's something we need to keep our eyes on. big story on sunday will be in the afternoon some sun returning but a high of only 19 degrees and that overnight low of four is bitter cold and we haven't seen an official overnight low like that in something like 10 years. still very cold on president's day. now looks like we're only going get up to about 22 degrees for a high there and finally we're back up to the freezing mark on tuesday with a possible wintry mix. that stretch of cold air starting friday and basically extending in through monday night is the longest stretch of that sort of cold air that we've seen all season. >> okay. thank you, david. it's now 4:45. developing right now police say they've arrested the man who murdered three members of a muslim family in chap hell hill north carolina. two were dental students at the university of north carolina. this happened last night in condominium complex. 46 year old craig hicks is charged with three counts of
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first degree murder. and developing right now thick fog and icy road conditions may have caused a deadly pileup on a bridge near south korea's international airport. look at this video. two people were killed and at least 42 people were involved in this massive crash. this involved nearly 100 vehicles. rescuers are having trouble reaching all the damaged cars so the number of injured could go up even more. south korea experienced a similar accident back in 2006 when a 29 car pile up. >> foggy weather left 11 people dead. and here's something you don't see every day. a south korean escaped an attack by a household appliance. officials say she was taking a nap on the floor when a robotic vac consume cleaner look a roomba mistook her hair for dirt. four firefighters had to be called out to pry that thing off of her head. in south korea the hard surface floors are often the preferred place to take a rest for the middle aged and the elderly and fortunately nine
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upshot here is this woman was not hurt. >> silly how a vacuum cleaner can't tell the difference between hair and dirt. oh, wait it's a vacuum cleaner. a group claiming it has ties to the terror group isis is taking credit for a hack attack on news week's twitter account. a picture of a masked man appeared with threatening posts saying that valentine's day would be bloody and the hackers even threatened president obama his wife and his children. the fbi is investigating the posts which were up for about 14 minutes. t mobile has revised its promotion. the company will give you a 7-inch tablet but will you have to pay the sales tax and buy a monthly data plan which starts at one gigabyte for $20 per month. stocks finished higher on wall street thanks in part to solid earnings. right now futures are just about flat lining. a man is auctioning off his haunted mac book on ebay.
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he claims weird things have been happening with the laptop since he bought it saying all of his i tune songs had become scary ones. his furniture was mysteriously rearranged proving that people will buy anything on ebay the highest bid going right now is $3,050. >> really? >> yeah, it's on e basement you can buy it if you want. you got to pay a lot of money. >> that's okay. it's 4:48. all new this morning a new york city police officer has been indicted in the stairway killing of an unarmed man. we'll give you the details of the case. >> a late night host is calling it quits. details a little later on "action news".
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meet one today. visit adopt. >> ♪♪ >> we're checking the schuylkill expressway for you this morning. we're looking pretty good. watching for the occasional slick spot as david said but not seeing too many problems. traffic moving just fine, no problems between south philadelphia and king of prussia. we had a nasty accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer that was carrying paper but we're hearing now it's off to the side which is good news. 30 bypass westbound between 340 and reeceville road has been reopened. so things should be moving better for you there. also in lower providence township montgomery county ridge pike reopened as well. we had an accident here and a downed pole that had it shut down for a little while but looks like that is getting ready to move fine at this
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point as well. in the northeast extension here between mid-county and lansdale we do have construction and that's going to cause some restrictions here so expect restrictions on the ramp connecting the northeast extension with lansdale as you're headed out but at this point we see speeds mostly in the 50's and 60's on your main roads. so, no problems out there just yet, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you karen. new this morning a new york city police officer has been indicted in the killing of an unarmed man. 28-year-old was shot o to death in november. peter say officer peter liang shot girl lee at a dark stairway. the officer is scheduled to appear in court today but the exact charges against him have not been made public. >> the family of a pennsylvania state trooper who was killed in a training accident is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation. corporal richard schroder's leaded gun discharged at the montgomery county public safety campus while he was conducting a training session back in september.
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26-year-old david kedra a state trooper was killed. schroder was charged yesterday with five counts of reckless endangerment for the number of troopers he endangered at the exercise. >> this is a slap on the wrist for this man and a slap in the face for david, our family and for justice. richard schroder shot my brother to death and he's being charged for a lesser crime that won't even prevent him from owning a gun. my baby brother wasn't just in dangered he was killed. >> trooper kedra's family blames the montgomery county district attorney for not pressing more serious charges. d.a. risa vetri furman tells "action news" she's sim met thick to the family but must follow the law and the charges the grand jury recommended. schroder's attorney says his client is wracked with remorse. >> much more is ahead on "action news." the white house is setting up a new agency aimed at coordinating cyber threat intelligence. >> a hollywood star who had no idea thousand pronounce a famous person's name at last
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year's oscars will get a second chance. that is next. xñaó5ñ
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>> philadelphia police need your help in finding a man who is accused of beating and sexually assaulting a woman who asked him for directions. they say the man walked the victim to a septa train platform of the jefferson station in the middle of the day yesterday then they say he pulled her into a secluded area. the man who police say is depicted right here took off. call police if you recognize him. the white house is setting up a new agency to increase cyber security and coordinate intelligence gathering operations about potential cyber threats. the nation's cyber experts are
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currently spread across various agencies and the fbi nsa and department homeland security. the mission of the new center would be to cut through bureaucracy and make sure warning signs of an attack are not being missed. >> jon stewart is leaving the daily show s comedy central announced he'll be leaving the show later this year after more than 15 years at the helm. reports say recently stewart expressed a desire to do other things like actually have dinner with his familiar on a regular basis. the comedian made the announcement to his studio audience at the end of last night's broadcast but said nothing about his future plans. john travolta confirmed as a presenter for the 2015 oscars. you'll remember the 60-year-old actor had a very unfortunate snafu at least year's awards show when he introduced means' song from "frozen." he called the broadway star adele dazeem. he later apologized for the gaffe. you'll see all the stars right here on oscar sunday
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february 22nd. the awards show for the biggest night in hollywood will air live only on 6abc. >> 4:58 and discarded documents scattered in city streets. "action news" goes searching for answers when personal information ends up all over a philadelphia neighborhood. >> a new study highlights what regular blood donors might want to do to improve their recovery time. "action news" will be right back
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clinically proven. that's the healing power of vaseline. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday february 11th and here's what's happening. >> the nation marks the death of the fourth american hostage killed by isis. her grieving family releases new details of her 18 months in captivity. >> papers full of personal information are found blowing around the streets of a philadelphia neighborhood. it is an "action news" exclusive. >> a giant powerball jackpot is up for grabs tonight. even i went out there and bought some tickets. i usually don't but that's a big number. >> you don't need all that money. aren't you happy? >> i would share it with


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